MTA vs. JFJ In Final Apocalyptic Fight for Souls of Branded-Merchandise Wearers

The MTA may not care how much shit the Jews for Jesus slap against its walls, but let them make a graven image using the transit agency's logos and the anger of the righteous finally descends. Seems the MTA has trademarked the concept of letters with a circle around them for almost the entire alphabet, and they're none to pleased by the JFJ's attempts to use their logotypes on T-shirts. The JFJ, on the other hand, had this rather curious reaction:

"We have done everything they've asked, but they still want to get their pound of flesh," said Jews for Jesus spokeswoman Susan Perlman."

See, that's the problem with the JFJ: they want to have it both ways. You can either be Shylock or Antonio. You most definitely can't be both.


'Jesus' Icon Clash [NYP]


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