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While the rest of the country spent most of last week dressing their Roman-Candle wounds, the Vanity Fair softball team was making history on the diamond, schooling the world-renowned High Times Bonghitters, 8-5. The stoners took an early lead in the game, but it didn't take long for the Veefers to exact their vengeance for May's 13-4 loss to the Bonghitters.

So how did Vanity Fair manage such a tremendous comeback? Were the Veefers served pre-game HGH omelettes? Not so much. Instead, their sudden dominance was no doubt boosted by the magic of celebrity: Tom Hanks was in the stands, as his daughter Liz is the magazine's latest famous-spawn assistant. It's almost impossible to lose when you've got Jimmy Dugan on your side.

Softball 2006 [Vanity Fair]
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