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In this rather lengthy edition of Gawker Stalker 1.0: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lebron James, Michael Douglas, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Dillon, Jessica Simpson, Keifer Sutherland, Anna Wintour, Giselle Bundchen, Beyonce, Nick Lachey, Holly Hunter, Ashlee Simpson, Kristen Cavallari, Mike Meyers, Robert Downey Jr, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Weisz, Emily Rossum, Jon Stewart, Cindy Crawford, Ethan Hawke and Marisa Tomei, Jared Leto, Heidi Klum, Keanu Reeves, Ian Somerhalder, Freddie Prinze Jr, Maura Tierney and Judy Reyes, Patrick Dempsey, Mary Kate Olsen, Lou Reed, Johnny Knoxville, Ann Coulter, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, Warren Sapp, Daryl Strawberry, Julianne Moore, Erik McCormack, Naomi Watts, Lauren Ambrose, Ralph Fiennes, Rosemary Harris, Amy Irving, Charlotte Rampling, Stone Phillips, Bob Saget, Patricia Clarkson, Abe Vigoda, Bonnie Fuller, Danny Glover, Seth Green, Janeane Garafolo, Moby, Victor Garber, Diane Wiest, Steven Van Zandt, Bette Midler, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Kaavya Viswanathan, and Mr. T.

Just saw Gwyneth Paltrow at Citibabes, a private kid's club in Soho... She was sans her little fruit, Apple, but had Moses in his basket of reeds...err, carseat...and had two Nannies heeling behind her. She was very pleasant and looked incredible...

Just saw Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in Central Park sitting on the lawn on the UES by 78th Street. They were with two children and another woman (nanny maybe?) We weren't sure it was them, so out of context it was hard to recognize them! But we heard him talk about his birthday, which we googled and sure enough it is today. They looked totally normal, he was wearing a baseball cap and khaki shorts, and he's lost some weight, looked thin. She looked younger than I thought she would. They looked like a happy, normal, everyday family.

LeBron James with crew of 5 people, having a quiet dinner at Elio's last night around 9pm. He signed autographs when he left, seemed very polite. Lizzie Grubman was there too with tall skinny guy.

I just saw Michael Douglas getting out of a black car on 53rd and Broadway at around 4pm, going in the side door to the Late Show w/David Letterman. Very gracious—he signed plenty of autographs and posed for pictures—one of the paparazzi commented that he thought Michael was a "cool cat, a real good guy".

I walked by Jimmy Fallon and a cute blonde on 2nd ave around 30th street yesterday. Is he balding? His hair was horrendous.

Saw Matt Dillon at the 66th & Broadway Barnes and Noble (July 5 @11:30 pm). Dressed down in jeans and a ballcap, looking for books about Africa. Maybe it' s for a movie role. Or maybe Angelina Jolie suggested he adopt some kids.

Jessica Simpson was shopping in the shoe department at Bergdorf Goodman's with an anonymous friend. I never thought she was all that good-looking, but in person, she is admittedly stunning.

Saw Keifer Sutherland exiting the W hotel at Union Square. Alone... Very Jack Bower looking and very detached.

Saw The Devil herself, Anna Wintour (though likely not in Prada - looking surprisingly dowdy in a peachy-pink cardigan/skirt combo, sporting her signature shades) walking on Avenue of the Americas between 42nd and 43rd at around 1pm with a male, laughing and saying something about bags.

I saw supermodel Gisele Bundchen on July 7th walking on 20th street and 6th ave. I love her so I was so shocked and I went up and said Hi and she shook my hand. She wasn't dressed up but just in black jeans and a t-shirt and still looked amazing. She was really nice.

I saw Beyonce going to Milk Studios on 10th Ave and 15th St. this morning, looking fabulous (black outfit, short shorts, gold jewelry, big shades), along with her humongous bodyguard. Couldn't tell if there was a ring on her finger...

A shorter than expected Nick Lachey in jeans, light blue t-shirt & sunglasses, texting on his phone while walking East on W52nd & 5th Ave.

Saw Holly Hunter around 2:15 PM at JOE coffee on East 13th street. Short and pretty, like my espresso.

I saw Ashlee Simpson Friday afternoon walking south on Mott St., near Prince. I liked her big ol' schnoz better. The funny part, though, is that she was being followed by paparazzi in a "flower shop" van. How discreet.

Kristen Cavallari was entering Penn Station last night at about 9:30pm. She was with an older woman (possibly her mother?). A group of girls were yelling her name but she wasn't responding to them.

Mike Meyers watching World Cup at Lucky Jack's, getting harassed by stupid drunk Brits. He didn't look happy.

Robert Downey Jr. was eating dinner at Cafe Habana on Prince and Elizabeth at 10:30. He waited outside for a table.

We were having brunch today at Sapore (Perry St & Greenwich Ave), and Anderson Cooper strolled past looking cool in jeans, tee and cap. He was with a big, hot muscley Latin boy. [Ed: Hola, Julio!]

Rachel Weisz walking down Grand near 6th ave. She was wearing a casual black dress and sunglasses pushing her little boy in his stroller with husband in tow.

Saw Emmy Rossum Saturday night at 10pm eating at Blue Fin at the W in Times Square. She was with a large table and the girl can eat!! She sure does like a lot of salt. She kept looking back at our table because we were with several guys (and the only blacks in the restaurant) I think she thought one of us was famous.

Hey, saw Jon Stewart around 5:30 today in Washington Square Park with his son. They were playing underneath a tree and he was very protective when he saw I had a camera on me.

I saw Cindy Crawford at 1240pm, Saturday July 8th while I was dining at Pastis on 9th and Little West 12th. We were leaving after having brunch and she walked in with a man (probably her husband), they were seated immediately outside for lunch. She looks beautiful and healthy!

Saw Ethan Hawke and Marisa Tomei on 2nd ave between 8 and 9th street, sitting and talking by a pharmacy.

Jared Leto was at the Maritime hotel at 3:15 pm (which is where he is staying) Had a backpack on.

I saw Heidi Klum this morning at Starbucks at 16th Street and 8th Ave around 10am. Carrying a few cups of something and getting into the back of a black-windowed Mercedes while the driver held her door open.

I just saw Keanu Reeves walking with either Gisele Bundchen or someone that looked a lot like her in front of the Mercer Hotel. They were both having a chatty conversation and laughing a lot. Didn't realize he was such a good-looking guy, scruffy yet sexy in a dark colored suit. She wore jeans and a green top.

Sunday July 9 12:30 p.m. I spotted Ian Somerhalder at the Greenwich Ave Equinox. He's a lit buffer than I thought. Very very hot.

Freddie Prinze Jr. at the 7:15 pm showing of POTC at Battery Park City Regal Cinema Sat nite. He looked great. Wearing a blue football jersey. Had two assistants with him, one a SMG look alike in a newsboy cap and braid.

Maura Tierney (Abby from ER) and Judy Reyes (Carla from Scrubs) were eating a late lunch at Sant Ambroseus caf in the West Village. They had clearly come from the matinee of their show Some Girl(s), right around the corner on Christopher St. They both looked pretty relaxed, wearing sunglasses and drinking champagne, and I coveted Judy Reyes' purple skirt intensely.

Saw Patrick Dempsey in the East Village. He is currently inside the 12th Street and 2nd Avenue theatre in Manhattan. He was with his daughter. Seen at approximately 7:10 p.m. He was talking to his daughter about getting a dog. Daughter asked why we had to get a little dog, and he said because you wanted to. We made eye contact on the northwest corner of 12th Street and 2nd Avenue.

Saw Mary Kate Olsen at Marquee Friday night, she came in around 1AM. Sat upstairs with a few people and bodyguard...wearing clothes that were far too big and homeless looking, and a straw fedora. Looked like a 10-yr old playing dress-up, she is so tiny. Chain smoking. We couldn't figure out who were her 'friends' from the gawkers. One guy with a buzzed haircut though that left with her.

Just saw Lou Reed walking their dog on Hudson and W. 11th heading home after the farmers market. He was wearing, um, hot pink Crocs. Seriously.

Just saw Johnny Knoxville on Thompson with an ordinary looking girl. He looked exactly the same in person as he does on television. I definitely think he was walking from 60 Thompson.

Okay, it's way too late to submit anything and I have to go back out, but I saw Ann Coulter at Balthazar. 9:15pm-ish, Friday. It walks...and it's very very skinny. Good-looking for 45, I have to say, and the horse face isn't as pronounced as it is in pictures. Little maitre d' man was way too excited to meet her.

July 8, Saturday, 3 pm: Perfect sighting for the venue: Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon at Dada exhibit at Moma. Both in panama hats. Yoko in dark shades, even while contemplating a Man Ray film. Had "Yoko Dada Moma" going thru headrest of day. Sean looked fit in pinstriped white trousers and tucked-in blue shirt. Absolutely adorable, but should lose the coordinating accessories.

Around 11:30 on Saturday night saw Warren Sapp (Oakland Raiders) leaving the Gansevoort Hotel.

Darryl Strawberry eating at Time Cafe with his wife and daughter, who was sitting on his lap. With him were either 2 friends, bodyguards or parole officers.

Julianne Moore on Bleecker St. last night (7/6). She is much shorter than I expected, but absolutely stunning. Very little make-up, jeans, and that amazing hair.

Was tickled to see Will & Grace's Eric McCormack sitting at the bar at Ciao, a bustling Italian joint on the corner of Bleecker and MacDougal. He was alone enjoying a Corona Extra, chatting up the waitress in a pleasant-but-not-skeevy way. My friend sent him a drink to thank him for making her laugh so many times (aw), which he accepted graciously. He's apparently in a play nearby and was just stopping off for a post-show beer. He looked fabulous, by the way.

At the last performance of Macbeth on Sunday, saw Naomi Watts, Lauren Ambrose, Ralph Fiennes, Rosemary Harris, and Amy Irving. Naomi got up at intermission to talk to Lauren Ambrose and her crowd. Naomi was beautiful and tiny. Ambrose was extremely pale. Fiennes, Harris, and Irving were sitting together.

July 7, 3:40 pm—Soho—Corner of Prince and Greene— Ralph Fiennes, sunglassless, yacking on his cell phone walking East toward Broadway, telling someone he would get back to them in a few days. Very upper crust Brit accent. His eyes are the most outstanding shade of blue. Average height.

9:15 a.m. Saw Charlotte Rampling at Sicaffe coffee shop on Lex between 70 & 71. Looked amazing; so glad she has not ruined that amazing face by visiting Dr. Seemyoung.

Yesterday I saw Stone Phillips at noon in Madison Sq. Park yelling in his cell, [he's huge] walking with his mini-Roger Daltry-ish son (well the hair anyway).

Was casually walking with friends down Third Avenue around 12:30 am and on the corner of thirteenth st. sitting at an east village eatery was Bob Saget with three or four young girls (his daughters I would guess.)

Just passed Patricia Clarkson on the corner of 9th and University Place. On the phone quasi-yelling at someone, dog in tow. Bedecked in baseball cap, I wouldn't have known it was her if not for her very distinct vocal styling.

Sunday I saw Abe Vigoda putting the moves on some broad who couldn't have been more than 60, on a bench in central park outside the Delacorte waiting for Macbeth. I was sitting next to him when I called a friend and told her Abe Vigoda was alive and well in central park. After I hung up, the dame said, "is that who you are, Abe Vigoda? Weren't you Luca Brazi in Barney Miller?" and he said, "No, I was Sally Tessio in Fish."

Saw Bonnie Fuller and daughter at the Cornelia Day Resort on 5th this afternoon. If it weren't for the aesthetician calling out her name for her treatment, I wouldn't even have given a glance. No one looks famous in a white robe.

Saw Danny Glover at a 24hr deli on the corner of 44th and 2nd avenue at 11PM Sunday night (July 10th). He was walking in as I was at the register. He is tall, probably around 6'5". He was wearing a black suit jacket with some sort of trim on the lapel, could have mistaken him for a doorman. He was headed straight for the beer isle.

I saw Seth Green and a lady friend talking into Central Park from Columbus Circle this afternoon around 2:30. My friend said "You just passed Seth Green." I turned around and said "Seth Green?!" to see him walking five feet behind me with a huge grin, sunglasses, and a hat on. He clearly heard me. The dude is short.

Saw Janeane Garofalo in Cooper Square with two massive dogs chained to her
waist sporting a hippie tanktop.

I'm sitting in the window at Phoebe's and I just saw Moby walking up Bowery (made a right on e. 4th). He was wearing a hat and walking with a purpose. We made eye contact.

A very gay Victor Garber eating at Good restaurant in the West Village (Greenwich between w. 11th and bank st.) with two unidentified gay men.

Killing time before the Devil Wears Prada I spotted Diane Wiest at Union Square Farmer's Market Saturday afternoon. Sensible Eileen Fischer-type outfit, just taking in the sights. Parenthood is one of my all time top 5.

I just spotted Steven Van Zandt (E Street Band & all around Sopranos goomba) sitting alone and completely engrossed in the Sunday Times at an outdoor table at the French Roast Bistro on 6th at 11th Street. He was wearing a comically mismatched out fit of Hawaiian shirt, pj bottoms & the ever-present bandana.

2:00 p.m. Bette Midler at Fairway on Broadway in baseball cap, no makeup, looked pissed off. Tiny.

Saw the Rev. Al Sharpton at the lobby bar at the Mandarin. He looked like he was on a date with a 25-year-old, which is weird.

7.6.06, 8:20 PM, 43rd heading towards 8th, saw plagiarist Kaavya Viswanathan rocking the iPod with quite the smirk on her face.

Mr. T was on my red-eye from LAX to JFK last night (he was in 1st class). He stood in the waiting area for about 2 hours prior to the flight, practically begging people walking through the terminal to take photos with him, and was yelling out "I pity the fool!!" It was pretty bizarre for him to be drawing so much attention to himself but I overheard him saying he has a reality show coming out (no one will have to eat any worms, he says) so I guess that's his idea of grassroots promotion.