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Magical Wednesday Update: Rocketboom still a dud, bloggers running out of headline puns. (But this post is still worth reading.)

Stop toying with us, Rocketboom! Days after host Amanda Congdon left, the video blog was still a no-show on Monday. This morning the front page promised "Rocketboom 2.0." Now the 'Boom taunts viewers with a fake-out shot and a message from producer Andrew Baron:

Rocketboom was obviously very dependent on Amanda's role. Since she left so suddenly...

Hold it, hombre. Andy makes it sound like Amanda was carrying the entire show in her little arms. What was it he said yesterday?

Fact: Over 95% of the directed episodes in the history of Rocketboom were directed by me.

Fact: I have edited well over 50% of all of the episodes.

Fact: I have Produced every single episode.

Fact: I have Published every single episode.

Fact: I have found/picked over 90% of all of the stories that we have ever used.

Fact: Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

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