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Unless you're some kind of political junkie or a member of his family, you've probably never heard of Tom Suozzi. The piece of rampant dumbassery you see here you provides a pretty good clue as to why. Suozzi is challenging Eliot Spitzer for the Democratic nomination for governor. As The Times reports, "Suozzi campaign aides passed out a set of 10 slick baseball cards that resemble the kind that came wrapped in wax paper with a hard stick of bubblegum. Instead of batting averages, the back of the cards list things like how much money lobbyists have forked over to Mr. Spitzer's campaign." Now, we're not political consultants, but we're gonna guess that maybe putting a picture of your opponent standing in front of a flag under giant letters screaming "All-Star" might not be the most effective use of your campaign cash. We'd say the guy's too stupid to be governor, but, you know, look at the rocket scientist that's been up there the last twelve years.

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