We turn once again to the world of advertising, where yet another icon is undergoing a bit of a makeover in order to capture the attentions of a younger audience. This time it's Mr. Peanut, that oily ambassador of salt and fat whose products have provided countless sour stomachs to a nation's indolent collection of television-watchers. But it's not a unilateral decision. Oh, no, this time we're all involved: "Voters can choose to add a bow tie, cuff links, a pocket watch or vote to keep Mr. Peanut the same."

Look, we're not na ve. We understand that this is a harmless distraction and not even a terrible idea for a marketing campaign. But we can't help but be a little depressed. What does it say about a country when more people will likely vote on alterations for a snack-food-selling cartoon than for a president? Also, what does it say about a country when none of the options allow you to vote the guy some fucking pants? He must be freezing his nads off.

Mr. Peanut, You're Perfect. Now Change. [NYT]