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No wonder the Google founders tried to seal court docs in a lawsuit over their jumbo jet. The juicy stories in there outclass the argument over Sergey's mile-high king-size bed. As the Mercury News gleefully points out, these docs reveal some ludicrous discussions between Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as told by the jet's former designer.

"They were wanting to know if you could move a sofa across the room during flight," he explained. "Could they sleep in the bed and take off and land while in the bed."

And it gets even better. For a September 2005 meeting at Google HQ, Jennings [the designer] was asked to deliver a "a full-size sofa mockup" for Brin and Page to test. They wanted to "sit on it, lay on it, then have comments about it. We had meetings that would last a minute, two minutes, 10 minutes, five minutes."

Why is this so embarrassing to Sergey and Larry? Because unlike other moguls who admit to a little indulgence, these two were proud of their reputation as "just two regular joes."

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