Because we know that New Line will totally call us in the morning if we just put out a little bit (OK, third base at most, and only if they pay for dinner), we are happy to provide this small amount of free advertising to their late summer entertainment-related product, Snakes on a Plane, by posting this 100 percent NON-EXCLUSIVE music video for the movie's official theme song. We must, however, offer this tiny critique: While the song is catchy enough and the idea of the band smuggling its deadly reptilian payload through security by distracting the X-ray tech with cleavage is cute, um....there are no motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane. This seems to us like an unacceptable betrayal of trust, given that the whole point of the movie* is to see Samuel L. Jackson draped in albino pythons while struggling to close overhead bins bursting with improperly stowed cobras. If you're not going to show scenes from the movie, give us the band playing a concert in an economy cabin overrun by snakes, or watching in horror as their guitars/drumsticks/the bassist suddenly transmogrify into giant serpents. Don't get cute with the concept now, New Line. You've come too far for that. We all have.

[*Though it can be argued there is no point to the movie beyond inducing bloggers to write about how awesome it is that there's a movie called Snakes on a Plane.]