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Condé Nast, owners of Wired Magazine, just bought Wired News from Lycos. All sides are cheering because Wired finally rescued its long-lost brother. Eight years ago, Wired Ventures couldn't afford to run independently. The firm had to sell its print division to Condé Nast and its digital division to Lycos. Since then, the Wired brand has been fractured.

Last month, when I reported that Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson maligned Wired's online edition, several readers pointed out that Wired News publishes Wired Magazine's digital edition. Anderson was complaining because he had no control over his own magazine's online presentation.

So I e-mailed Anderson about the issue. On June 27, he replied:

We have an excellent working relationship with WN, probably better than many print/web relationships within a single company. We're working together to improve the site, and I think you'll see the fruits of this labor before the end of the year.

Pretty juicy fruits. Congratulations, Wired — it's good to see the family reunited.

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