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In case you didn't get the memo, the cutoff for the general comment amnesty was noon yesterday. The vault is once again closed, the dread angel once again guarding the door. All comment invites that are gonna be sent, have been sent. If you sent in a comment invite request during the eligible period, yet haven't received your invite, there are several possible explanations. In descending order of likelihood, they are: (1) The invite was redirected to your spam mailbox. (2) The amazing comment invite machine malfunctioned and did not send you anything. (3) Human error, ours or yours, resulted in no invite being sent. (4) You suck. Fortunately, the result is the same regardless of the reason — we're back to our standard comments policy, so plead your case if you want, but most of our ears are already deaf. Meanwhile, enjoy the flood of new commenters who made the cut, and chuckle at the endlessly inventive ways they employ the word "snark" in their usernames.