Thanks to those pesky non-disclosure agreements, not a lot of information is coming out of the Wenner Media offices, where MTV is currently filming the Rolling Stone reality show. But there are some details dribbling from Jann's tightly clenched fist: there are only six contestants, and three of them are absolutely hopeless, clearly cast as the proverbial "stupids" necessary for any successful reality competition. There's also one clear front-runner, a fellow talented enough that he has no business on a show designed for special-needs journos.

Also amusing: when MTV and Rolling Stone were first developing the show, MTV's original pitch went something like this: "They'll all go out and try to land an interview with someone from the Warped Tour! And whoever gets the best interview or sleeps with the band gets their band on the cover! But then it's an ethical dilemma, because they slept with the band!" Oh, who cares about ethics? Everyone just wants to see AFI molest a pretty intern in the Vans tent.

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