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You're smart and hip, right? The kind of person whom your friends ask about the latest restaurants, what movies to see, or how to invest their 401ks? Of course you are. Well, whether you know it or not, you're an "Opinion Driver," and there's a new online community for you! It's called (notice how the all caps lend an extra sense of urgency), and it comes from a vast collection of "high-profile leaders from the worlds of politics, media, and technology." Who are these high-profile leaders? Well, there's some of the guys who almost got the vice president of one of last century's most successful administrations elected in his own right, but, uh, didn't. You've got some Bush ad people, who were responsible for that all-time classic commercial where wolves were going to eat your family if you voted for John Kerry. You've got a guy who advised the Kerry campaign, which means he actually got beat by the hungry wolves ad. And, on the tech side, you've got the president of some social networking site for ladies called (presumably because was alreadytaken).

We don't know about you, but we cannot wait for this to go live. Really, what the Internet needs more than anything right now is a junior varsity version of The Huffington Post.

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