The bit of loveliness you see here comes from the Post's Pulitzer-baiting examination of the bridge and tunnel crowd. (Your takeaway: Clubs like them because they spend a lot of money; being Italian-Americans, they tend to be too stupid to read the bill.) The chart above would seem to be a gratuitous swipe at merely two of the elements that make our city so objectionable, but even so, forcing us too choose between Princess Coldstare and The Crappo del Tutti Crappy is shockingly unfair. Can't we call it a draw?

Unrelated: The hipster is mocked for "doing blow in an LES basement." We suppose that's infinitely more obnoxious than, say, snorting rails of the back of a toilet tank in Siberia at the same hour. But we don't suppose any of the young kids at the Post would know about that, would they? Just sayin'.

Give it up for bridge & tunnel [NYP]