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Certainly, it will be hard to beat the crazymaking fun of the Bartha blowup, but in terms of strange documentary effluvia leaking out of a long-dead relationship, it's not this week's only gift. For this week marks the civil case in Manhattan Supreme Court involving Wall Street Journal columnist (and conservative TV commentator) John Fund. The short version has Fund engaging in ugly-bumping with Morgan Pillsbury, the daughter of one of his previous erotic conquests, back in 1999. Since then it's been one long safari through Fund and Pillsbury's dirty laundry. Pillsbury accuses Fund of "physical and emotional abuse" and "blamed him for a traumatic abortion." Fund mildly retorts with charges of "stealing checks and making credit-card purchases in his name," and also "witness tampering" (do tell). Pillsbury fires right back, seeking a half-mil in damages — notably, she wants the "larvae" out of her freezer. That must have been a pretty traumatic gagortion indeed.

Sadly, Pillsbury's collection of online bile has apparently been taken down, but you can still catch a few antics at Fund's site, namely the letter excerpted above and an off-putting series of references to "hiding the hamster." Much of Fund's defense rests on Pillsbury's supposed admission of borderline personality disorder, which is probably what drew them together in the first place.

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