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E! president Ted Harbert is a simple guy with simple desires: He merely wants peace between Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton so that they can actually appear on-screen together on their show without the intervention of editors, wants a buzzy scripted show for his hit-desolate schedule, and, most important of all, just wants his octogenarian mom to get on board with his vision for the network. Blogs TV Week from the TCAs, where TV executives pretend to tolerate the existence of the swarming media assigned to record their every word:

"I want 'Entourage,' I want 'Nip/Tuck,'" [Harbert] said. "What I want is good, what I want is quality. If the ratings are great, great. More important is that I want a show that is the favorite for some."

Harbert sighs.

"I was having breakfast with my 80-year-old mother and she asked me what's my long-term vision for E!"

She did not.

"Swear to god."

What did you tell her?

"That I'm gonna put on some hit shows and keep my job."

Mrs. Harbert then gently mussed her boy's hair before turning her attention to the half-eaten plate of eggs before her. "Sure you will, Teddy," she said, feigning her best tone of maternal support. "Sure you will."