Now that Wired News is reunited with Wired proper, the healing process can begin for the tiny online outlet. An industry reporter told Valleywag just what Wired needs to do.

  1. Pay their writers a respectable wage. Wired pays $2 per word; WN paid 50 cents. (But an internal e-mail says that for now, that pay rate won't improve.)
  2. Stop running so much non-original/non-news content. After all, that's what blogs are for.
  3. Let WN writers write long when the subject merits it.
  4. Clean up that ugly site. For one, get rid of that stupid ad that takes over the whole page.
  5. Hire full-time reporters, not just editors.
  6. Publish early and often — this once-a-day crap doesn't cut it.

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