· Reason #11,343 To Love Hollywood Unconditionally: Even if you are possibly afflicted with a disease that will make you look a 14-year-old forever, Playmates will still fuck you if you're been in a hit movie or on a long-running TV series.
· Snakes on a Plane in the news double-feature: Mice on a Plane and, um, Snake on a Plane.
· We know that there's been much fretting about the possible devaluation of Miracle Baby photos, but the people at Break.com have lost their minds if they think someone couldn't sell a video of Suri for more than a measly $100K.
· Ex-Rocketboomer Amanda Congdon opens up to Time.com about her insecurity that people just loved her for her rack: "I feel like a lot of the reports over the past few days have been very sexist — just referring to my popularity as Amanda and her [male] fans. But it's not always just the guys who write to me. I'm not perfect, but I have a lot more to offer than my looks."