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CEOs and founders may fight, but little guys have the best horror stories, whether they're sitting outside the VP's office for an hour or losing their fancy chairs. An alleged employee at Lloyd Braun's Yahoo Media Group sent this inside report. Make sure you read the whole story.

In case you guys hadn't heard, the work is finally finished on the permanent YMG space in Santa Monica. We've been moved around to a couple of different permanent spaces in the last year, but we've finally moved into Lloyd's vision of the future of the Yahoo! Media Group. And in that future, former TV execs will treat internet employees with as much contempt as his network staffers undoubtedly suffered. (I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this.)

Here are some quick highlights of the new work space:

  • The 6th floor is the exclusive domain of the executives. Regular employees' security badges won't open the doors, and the receptionists up there make it clear that none of us peons should be up there.
  • Cubicle walls have been shortened to about 4', so now you have no privacy, and it's pretty much impossible to do ANYTHING louder than typing without completely distracting or annoying your neighbors. Having to whisper while on conference calls is particularly fun. I'm not sure why we didn't just get desks.
  • We used to have a nice, big breakroom with a few tables, and some games and a flatscreen TV. It served as a lunchroom and lounge (a lot of us watched the World Cup in there); but that's gone. Apparently we're not supposed to get together with co-workers anymore.

I bring this stuff up because in spite of a lot of chaos in the last few years, Yahoo! has been a cool, creative place to work; now it's pretty obvious that Lloyd & Terry [Semel, CEO] think that there's no excuse for us to actually enjoy our jobs. I guess the message is that we all just need to shut the fuck up and get back to work. (On stupid shit like The Nine.) Anyone else that's going to move down here from Sunnyvale is in for an ugly surprise.