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Barry Diller is as mindful of the investment potential in giant foam fingers that penetrate both the anus and the vagina simultaneously as the rest of us. Like a recovering content junkie who decides that he can handle one or two more without getting hooked again, Diller is reportedly taking a close look at the fresh, young men over at The rumor has his InterActiveCorp close to signing a deal that values the company (which has also been eyed by Viacom and Pilot Group) at $20-30 million — not an outright takeover, but a major investment with options. While none of this has been confirmed, staff has been alerted that there's a deal in the offing. Meanwhile, site founder Ricky Van Veen's denial ("We're still talking to the parties involved and so far off from a deal with either one of them that you'd just be printing fiction." Hey, Ricky, that's what we call content.) doesn't exactly put the whole thing to bed. And really, is it such a stretch to think that Diller would want to acquire a stable of handsome frat boys? Should the deal close, the CollegeHumor guys will have yet another assload of cash with which to purchase flat-screen televisions and luxury sedans — plus they've each been promised a closetful of DVF wrap dresses. Ah, success in the new century: All it takes it a picture of a topless sorority girl passed out in a punchbowl and a dream.