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Via city food blog Eater, we find these musings from a venture capitalist Fred Wilson about how to do a business lunch at the Shake Shack. We're just going to quote directly:

I generally suggest people meet me there at noon, we get in line and start our conversation, just like we'd be doing at a restaurant while we order and wait for the food.

Generally at that time of day, its about 20 minutes wait, unless its raining in which case, you need to find another place for your lunch.

After we order, we get a table, and there are almost always tables to be had, and continue our discussion.

Then the food comes, we eat, finish our conversation, and leave.

OMG, this is so going into our RSS. We can't for "How To Take a Dump At Blue Smoke."

How To Do A Business Lunch At The Shake Shack [A VC]