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· What will the photos of Suri be worth? Not much! What do Tom and Katie have to say about anything? Not much! We really wanted to complete the Rule of Three with these "not much" links, but we're just too confused by this one to think up a way to finish the trifecta.
· What if the Banker from "Deal or No Deal" were Pat O'Brien? Everything in the world would be a little better, that's what.
Just a question: If we'd titled the earlier post today "Dead Buttons," would that have been in poor taste?
You know what? It is kind of funny when Chevy Chase calls his daughter a whore.
· The fictional character that Paris Hilton has created has decided to go on whore-hiatus (whoreatus?) for a year. So if you run into her at a club, don't buy her any drinks. She's not putting out.