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  • As soon as an AOL Joystiq blogger turns off the tape in a normal little interview, Sony exec Phil Harrison (pictured) sneers, "Well those were positive questions." So he's trying to prove Sony's not arrogant — it's just a little bitchy. [Joystiq]
  • Amanda Congdon extends her 15 minutes into Hong Kong media. [Daily Hits Blog]
  • Conde Nast biz dev guy Kourosh Karimkhany was named general manager of Wired News (now that Conde Nast owns it). Hey, I know that name — he's a proud alum of our big brother Kotaku. Good to see at least someone merited a promotion after the buyout. [Press release]
  • Note2Dell: Before naming your blog one2one, check whether is a porn site. Because, well, it is. [ZDNet]
  • Overheard in a chat room: "Adam Curry invented everything related to podcasting." "Well, he certainly invented the history of podcasting."