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The first review of Alex Kuczynski's Beauty Junkies is in, and, well, see for yourself:

Describing herself as only "relatively obsessed" with her appearance (a description the reader may find questionable), the author relates her own unpleasant experience with liposuction and the comic near-disaster of her venture into lip enhancement by Restylene injection. Kuczynski also includes a capsule history of cosmetic surgery from reconstructive efforts during World War I to the current Botox craze. The various components combine to provide a solid summary of the downside of cosmetic surgery, though the author's self-regard is a tad annoying.

The review finishes with a flourish: "Fans of Kuczynski's style of personal journalism will be entertained."

Recommendation or subtle dig? We prefer to think the latter.

BEAUTY JUNKIES: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession with Cosmetic Surgery [Kirkus]