Another battered woman formerly in the employ of modeling warlord Naomi Campbell has come forward to share her bruises with the world: 20-year-old Amanda Brack filed suit against the model yesterday, citing assault, battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress. Sadly, her lawsuit is vague on details of the carnage, but the suit claims that soon after Brack was hired, "Campbell initiated a series of verbal and physical and emotional attacks against [Brack] such that plaintiff suffered both physical and emotional injuries." Brack stayed on board, however, for the exotic locales in which she was abused, accompanying Campbell on trips to Brazil and Morocco. Like many of Campbell's previous victims, Brack was accused of stealing, but she somehow escaped the shuriken BlackBerry. Despite the utter lack of bloodshed, Brack then quit. Pussy.

Meanwhile, the lingering question: false imprisonment? What did Campbell do, chain the girl to a tree and use her head for cellphone-chucking practice?

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