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Once, ZDNet was a respectable outlet for level-headed journalists. Then it gave everyone a blog and every day was Someone-unlocked-the-madhouse Day. Today, for example:

  • Donna Bogatin thinks Google CEO Eric Schmidt is personally telling his minions, "Write about her, but for god's sake, don't you dare link to her column!" [Digital Micro-Markets blog]
  • David Berlind discovered the center of the space-time continuum. It's the API for an events database. [Between the Lines blog]
  • Steve Gillmor's latest article was just too profound to read, so I ran it through Word's Autosummarize tool and got this:
  • This media showdown is getting really interesting. Meanwhile I keep hitting the spacebar with Marshall whenever Mike leaves town. Face it Nick, you're too smart for your own shtick. * Dave Winer * John Battelle — Pointed prominently at previously described pieces. Om and Mike are carving up the page view widget real estate on their blogs, competing against their deal with Battelle's FMPub.

  • This summary actually makes more sense than Steve's column. [Steve Gillmor's Inforouter blog]