ZDNet: The Fox News of tech journalism

Once, ZDNet was a respectable outlet for level-headed journalists. Then it gave everyone a blog and every day was Someone-unlocked-the-madhouse Day. Today, for example:

  • Donna Bogatin thinks Google CEO Eric Schmidt is personally telling his minions, "Write about her, but for god's sake, don't you dare link to her column!" [Digital Micro-Markets blog]
  • David Berlind discovered the center of the space-time continuum. It's the API for an events database. [Between the Lines blog]
  • Steve Gillmor's latest article was just too profound to read, so I ran it through Word's Autosummarize tool and got this:
    This media showdown is getting really interesting. Meanwhile I keep hitting the spacebar with Marshall whenever Mike leaves town. Face it Nick, you're too smart for your own shtick. * Dave Winer * John Battelle — Pointed prominently at previously described pieces. Om and Mike are carving up the page view widget real estate on their blogs, competing against their deal with Battelle's FMPub.

    This summary actually makes more sense than Steve's column. [Steve Gillmor's Inforouter blog]