It's hard to pick out the most amazing thing about this Hasselhoff video: The Hoff's clinging to both his former Knight Rider and Baywatch glory, the incredibly bad production values, or the premise that he'd kick a hot piece of ass out of his car because she lives too far away would all make fine choices. But we'll have to go with the fact that KITT has been modified to European automobile standards so that Hasselhoff's German fans won't be jarred by the sight of the steering wheel on the left hand side of the vehicle.*
· Who are the hottest (by "hot," we're considering only their physical attibutes—who the hell cares if they can sell?) real estate brokers in LA? Curbed has the answer.
· Charlie Sheen must continue to stay 300 yards from Denise Richards, or the state of California will revoke his cheerleader-visitation privileges.
· Breaking! Kathy Griffin is a big c-word! Update: Kathy Griffin is not a big c-word because her publicist made nice with the angry internet man.

[*So apparently Germans (and most Europeans) drive on the same side of the street as Americans and the video is set in Australia. We've got to get out more.]