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Photo sharing site Flickr Zooomr was supposed to host a party last Friday, at which it would launch its new awesome version. Well, it didn't.

I was confused when, at an unrelated Valleyschwag party in San Fran's SOMA district, I asked some people where the Zooomr party was and they said, "This is the Zooomr party!" It took me a few hours to hear that Zooomr got a denial-of-service attack (known as a DDOS) on the day of the party. The site couldn't exactly launch Version 2 while Version 1 was forced offline.

Granted, this site is under a year old, and it's run by a famously young developer (Kris Tate). Critics say it's just Flickr with a black coat of paint, but it's slowly winning converts. Think evangelical Christianity for shutterbugs.

The history of the site is terribly interesting and storied. For example, the site's new evangelist, photographer Thomas Hawk, just got into an argument a Flickr founder that escalated into a micro-blog-war. In any case, this'll be a fun site to watch, whether it booms or folds before the year is out.

Zooomr [Official site, as long as it's still up today]