Tabloid Wars, Bravo's six-episode docu-series on the news machine that is the Daily News, debuts next Monday, making for some enjoyable coverage today. New York magazine declares that, unsurprisingly, news reporters are more interesting than gossip monkeys; even better, John Leonard writes, "Lloyd Grove's brief appearance suggests a surprising magnitude of jerk. And Grove's legman last summer, Hudson Morgan, has already gone where he belongs (Men's Vogue)."

Speaking of Hud Morgan, the Observer's Media Mob has shown infinite patience for the lad, taking the time to transcribe some of his on-air highlights (do check them out, as they are priceless). One of Morgan's more thoughtful quotes reflects on the price one pays as a gossip monkey:

"I don't think I really thought this through. I didn't think how it would affect relationships, goals, ambitions, not to mention health and inner peace and general feng shui. And I wasn't ready for people to come after me, because I'm only, like, an assistant. Like Gawker linked to this website that was, like, speculating that I was gay... And, you know, my grandfather read it because my mom was showing him how to Google on the Internet. It was really weird. It was disorienting to be scrutinized like this."

We'd say we're sorry, but somebody had to tell 'em.

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