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Promos for upcoming episodes of Project Runway hint at a controversy to come, in which Tim Gunn alludes to a crime of fashion so unforgivable that it leads to the unprecedented expulsion of a contestant from the series. It's precisely the kind of mystery best suited for the communal detective work of the internets: A tip on Television Without Pity accusing last week's challenge winner Keith Michael of having stolen several designs in his audition portfolio led commenters of bulletin board the Fashion Spot to do some digging. Amazingly, what emerged was that the thieving designer was also a lazy one: Michael's sketches are almost exact copies of the original runway photos lifted off fashion sites such as and

Even more unbelievably, a commenter points out that in the case of the Giambattista Valli ripoff (pictured right), Runway judge Nina Garcia appears to be sitting in the front row. It's not clear when we'll find out if fashion-savvy netizens have fingered the correct culprit, but feel free to e-mail theories and suitable punishment suggestions to (We heartily endorse four weeks of forced footrubs and pedicure duty for Michael Kors.)