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This announcement will probably be of interest to only a few of you, but over the weekend, Gawker Media Blog Overlord Nick Denton chained our tech team to a series of radiators and beat them mercilessly (he's partial to the cat-o'-nine-tails, if you must know) until he secured a promise that they'd make some improvements on the technology that makes this site work. The upgrades are already in place, but in the highly unlikely event that you encounter a bug in the site's layout, or operability, or whatever (example of one you don't need to tell us about: the comment links on the front page currently aren't reflecting if someone has left one or not), please do us a favor by e-mailing a report on the bug to, including information about your OS and browser versions, and if you're the kind who saves stray animals and doesn't scald your assistant with coffee for dropping calls, a screenshot of the fuck-up. Thank you in advance for performing free labor on our behalf, as per usual.