Will someone please just give wee homeless model mini-memoirist Isobella Jade a book deal already? Or at least a sandwich? (The junior cheeseburger deluxe from Wendy's is apparently her favorite.) Metro has a short interviewlet with the homeless pixie who dwells, CHUD-like, in the crevices of the Soho Apple Store:

What is your best asset?

It's my energy. I hear it from the homeless guy on the corner. I hear it from my friends. Most people who do not know where they are going to sleep every night would be pretty pissy and depressed but because it's what I want to do, I have this energy. Also, I have my grandma's eyes.

Because Grandma saw something she shouldn't have. Plus, that "homeless guy on the corner" may be following Isobella into the Apple Store real soon. For her energy. And for help with his Nano.

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