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At Wednesday's Hollywood premiere of Ed Burns' The Groomsmen, star Jay Mohr's castmates shared their appreciation of the actor's ability to keep thing light on the set through his ability to bond with members of the crew:

Asked about favorite memories of the shoot, cast members invariably cited Mohr's antics. "(We had) a camera assistant," [director Ed] Burns explained, "a young guy named Adam, who Jay was curiously attracted to and tortured in a very playful, funny way. It doesn't really translate, but (it's) in the bloopers reel on the DVD."

[Actor Donal] Logue put it more bluntly: "Jay constantly exposed himself."

We suppose one had to be there to distinguish between being "tortured in a very playful, funny way" and being "repeatedly menaced by Jay Mohr's exposed genitals" (we imagine a line is crossed when one can't find a craft services snack that hasn't been tainted by penis contact), but luckily for the young camera assistant, it sounds as if all the evidence he might need to file a grievance with his union or a harassment lawsuit were conveniently recorded for those DVD goodies.

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