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Om Malik, the tech blogger who usually doesn't waste his time with hopeless startups, makes a big deal about mobile startup Jangl, which just snagged $7 million in funding for a service that makes the urban dating process more awkward.

Used to be, you met a cute guy or girl at the bar, you got a phone number, maybe an e-mail addy. With the Web 2.0 magic of Jangl, the process goes like so:

  1. Boy meets girl.
  2. Girl gives boy non-identifying Jangl handle.
  3. Boy signs up for Jangl.
  4. Boy gives name to Jangl.
  5. Boy gives identifying info to Jangl.
  6. Girl decides if she really wants to hear from boy.
  7. Boy and girl share relationship-specific number that hides their real numbers.
  8. Relationship built on lack of trust.

On a scale of 1 to eHarmony, the likelihood of a Jangl success story ain't too high.


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