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· "After something like 'Mallrats' or 'Jersey Girl,' the expectations are in the toilet. People are like, 'He's over, he's done.' So it's easier to be, like, 'Ta-da, I'm not.' It's a much more comfortable place to work from. When you have an escalating career, and every time you have to outdo yourself, I couldn't handle that kind of pressure. But having to outdo 'Jersey Girl'? Not very difficult." Kevin Smith talks a good game to the LAT about the liberation of diminished expectations and his refusal to test his creative limits, but we bet right after the interview was over, he went home, banged his hot wife, and then rolled around in the piles of cash he's made from trotting out Silent Bob every couple of years.
· Brad Pitt: Still not bored with fatherhood after six weeks. Give him time.
· Bluth fans, rejoice: AD reruns are coming to you in HD. Oh, you don't have HD? Then feel free to buy the DVDs.
· Amazingly, a shared interest in eyeliner, lacy underthings, and being in front of the camera whenever possible was not enough to keep Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro together forever.
· Paris Hilton finds skinny bitches who are not Paris Hilton to be "gross."