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Everyone's acting like Rocketboom's producer and ex-host have gone their separate ways, as if the fight is over. But it's just about to begin.

Remember that Amanda Congdon says she still owns 49% of the popular video blog, and that this deal is in a written contract "registered with the bank." Andrew Baron seems to hold that she forfeited her 49% by leaving the show.

Andrew Baron blogged that any dispute over the show's ownership is "a case for a professional mediator or a case for the courts."

After the jump, Amanda and Andrew both tell me their case is the winning one.

I asked Amanda how she would respond if Andrew took the case to mediation or court. "I won't wave [sic] any of my rights," she replied. "I am moving forward. I hope Andrew will too."

Then I asked Andrew if he indeed meant to use a mediator or court to determine Amanda's share of Rocketboom. His reply: "Not sure. Amanda has not made any claims and I'm a bit busy to deal with it right now. I know what to expect legally from this and its no big deal; this is just a minor glitch."

She won't waive her rights, he sees her as a minor glitch. Yep, these two are headed for a showdown. If Rocketboom pulls in more $80,000-per-week ad deals, that contested 49% will be worth fighting for. And then we'll need to add a track to the Rocketboom mix CD.

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