The Village Voice held its annual Siren Fest in the midst of Saturday's ghastly heat, sending hipsters and freeloaders alike to Coney Island for five-plus hours of melanoma-stoking sunshine. As Siren is a major music event 'round these parts, Rolling Stone and MTV would certainly be remiss if they didn't send their latest batch of ratings slaves to the show; above, contestants from the RS/MTV reality show learn about the tough world of music journalism and boom mics. Not quite sure who's who except for the token hottie-with-a-Sienna-complex Krys Jagger — though names don't really matter. They're all the same menial flashes in Jann Wenner's pan, dutifully serving themselves up for oblivion. (But seriously, do you think the blonde one hooked up with the lead singer of the Stills?)

A few more dazzling pictures after the jump.


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[via aekituesday's Flickr]
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