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Remember the billboard we spoke of yesterday? Well, we are shocked - shocked - to find out that it's not all on the up-and-up, unless "Emily" and "Steven" have a bi-coastal thing going on. "Emily" has her own blog, which is kind of a half-assed set-up even for a campaign that is this poorly planned. But the question remains: What is this a campaign for?

A source passes along the following: "it's a promo for a show on Court TV. They approached a few writers to do this character Emily for a few weeks, then to do the viral marketing thing to hook people." Which seems sensible, given that Court TV's promo budget likely only includes cash for a couple of billboards on either coast and a bunch of free blogspot blogs. Still, until we've got any definitive proof, we're guessing it's for some kind of pill that you take to reduce outbreaks of your STD's. "Steven" may be poorly endowed, but we bet he's got a full-blown case of syphilis.

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