Okay, at this point we may as well admit the viral thing worked on us, because we've spent way too much time on figuring it out. After the jump, we give way too much advertising to a show that may or may not deserve it.

In any event, from "Emily"'s blog:

On the real estate trail, I showed one couple five houses this morning. Oh right - I'm a real estate agent and so far so good. It's funny how shopping for a house can really bring couples together. Only, today, the couple got into a massive argument over their ceiling price, and I had to hide my embarrassed smile from them. She was screaming at him like a banshee. Like a banshee eunuch. Of course, I don't condone violence. I left them alone for a moment and they made up in the sun-room. But it's not the first time it's happened while I've been selling. And it's times like these that I thank God that I have Steven.

From a synopsis of Court TV's "Parco P.I." Episode is entitled "Getting Even":

Vinny's latest client is a woman whose husband is not only cheating on her, he's stealing money from their jointly-owned real estate company. He has to figure out what her husband's true assets are. After a little investigation, Vinny discovers that the husband actually has two real estate companies. It's kind of like his girlfriend - his wife isn't supposed to know. Parco's plan? Set up a sting operation with the whole Parco family posing as the staff at a hair salon looking for a new space to rent.

Kinda tenuous, yeah, although we've received a few credible tips that it's for sure "Parco P.I." If we're wrong, well, more fool us. If we're right, well, good job, Court TV. We still hold you responsible for Nancy Grace, but good job.

Getting Even [CourtTV]