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We hear that an enterprising young lady of the evening has begun lurking outside Soho House in the venerable Meatpacking District, approaching likely gents as they emerge and inquiring if they're up for it, squire? The lady in question is described as having "false eyelashes, nice high breasts, pushed higher by her dress," and attired in a fashion that was obviously "tarty, but not so much as to scream streetwalker." Last week, she reportedly all but propositioned a trio of strapping hipster lads as they left Soho House at about midnight, asking what they were up to and if they'd like to "go on somewhere." When they declined, she struck up a conversation with the Soho House doorman, no doubt asking about the ruckus at Toby Young's book party. Soho House declined to comment; anyone with further details or news of Luscious and/or her exploits/conquests, let us know at

UPDATE: Regarding the Luscious lurking, Soho House general manager Mark Somen responds, "This is the first I've heard of it."

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