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Blogger Emily Gould had a brief entry last year where she nominated the most loathsome person interviewed in the week's New York magazine, and offered as her winning candidate "Annie Yeh, miniscule Theory shopgirl and FIT student. What's your favorite thing in the store? "Our skinny pants. We started making 00s last fall. I'm a size 00, so that was the most amazing thing ever." What's your favorite fall trend? "Volume. I like wearing oversize things even though I'm little. I weigh 95 pounds."

"Okay, not to come across as a bitter fat poor person or anything," Emily resumed, "but . . . oh, too late. But seriously, do these people have any idea? New resolution: no matter what happens in my life, I am never going to give a quote to New York magazine. I think they make you speak into some sort of Asshole Filter."

Well, lo these many months that have passed, the actual Annie Yeh responds on Emily Magazine, and tells a chilling story of abuse, which we bring you after the jump.

Hi, this is Annie Yeh. I was just informed of this page recently and am very that I was...I find it hilarious. I just wanted to inform you of how the interview was done. The photographs were taken first and the interview was done by phone. The interviewer asked me what was so great about theory, I responded the fit of the pants. She then told me she had my pics in front of her and actually asked me what size I was and how much I weighed...if I actually fit in the clothes(and I was stupid enough to answer...i defidently did not throw it into conversation as if I was gloating like she made it sound). That's when I told her of the 00 pants (and I do think it's'd be surprized how many people after the article came in for the 00 pant) But of course, she fails to leave out the part where I say that theory has various styles which fit many different body types. I resented the way the article protrayed me, I felt almost victimized by it...I even recieved many hate mails, along with other kind of letters which I feel uncomfortable discussing on the internet. Anyway, moral of the story're right...never give a quote to new york magazine and don't always believe what you hear!!!

PS...I love sandwiches, I love to eat. In fact, I eat more than anyone I know because I lose weight too easily. Just as people have a hard time keeping off the weight, others have a hard time keeping on the weight. You won't believe it, but in HS my mother use to give me such a complex about being too skinny that I resorted to eating supersized mic mac meals, with a milkshake...and finish it all...for about six months. I finally got up to 108...but I decided it wasn't the way to go and now I don't care what anyone says about my weight as long as I know I'm healthy.

— Annie Yeh | July 17, 2006

There you have it. The Asshole Filter exists. New York should be ashamed of itself.

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