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It's been fascinating (to us, at least) to watch the paparazzi/glossy industrial complex track Katie Holmes' every public movement since her trip to perpetual fiance/billion-year enslaver Tom Cruise's Telluride home the last week or so, a jaunt that did absolutely nothing to quiet speculation that Suri Cruise was ever more than a baby unicorn for the tabloid age or a beachball lashed to the onetime actress's midsection. The electronic homing device that paparazzi agency X17 slipped into well-known caffeine addict Holmes' coffee allowed their photographers to locate the peripatetic enigma-incubator on her Monday return to L.A., as they follow up the weekend's possible stroller sighting with some pictures of Holmes fleeing to the only place in the city where she truly feels safe, Barney's New York. The site furthermore passes along a rumor that the trip to her Retail Fortress of Solitude was motivated by an upsetting order that she hire a team of Scientology-approved nannies to tend to the still-unseen Suri, a bout of defiance we're sure she abandoned when she realized that she probably shouldn't lose any sleep over who pretends to babysit her imaginary offspring, despite how real it all feels sometimes.