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The interns for the Rolling Stone/MTV reality show (can we please get a name for that thing already?) are doing more than just sweating it out at Coney Island and mugging for the camera — they're learning about "reporting" as well. Some might even call it real writing! On RS' website, the Live Shows index features tons of blurby reviews, many of which are written by MTV's would-be journos. A review of Denmark's Roskilde Festival (can't wait for that wild-n-crazy episode) is written by Krishtine de Leon, Pete Maiden, Tika Milan, Russell Morse, Krystal Simpson and Colin Stutz — we already know Russell Morse is on the show, and Krystal Simpson is probably the real name of faux-Sienna Krys Jagger (there, there, it's okay: we're just as upset as you to learn that she's not actually rock royalty). Krishtine and Pete are rumored to be cast members, and a quick Google confirms that Tika is also part of the show. If Colin Stutz is also one of Jann's precious coterie, then that would account for all 6 interns.

Now go enjoy the work of these skilled, young writers:

Forget Coachella and Bonnaroo: For real festival madness, try traveling all the way to Denmark for mainland Europe's biggest rock fest, the four-day-long Roskilde — where you can swim nude, fish (and have your catch cooked by pro chefs), play basketball, guzzle Tuborg and, oh yeah, rock out to 180 or so acts from Bob Dylan to Kanye West.

What? You were expecting Lester Bangs?

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