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Nerrrrrrrrdfight! Shelley Powers (a blogger who's usually getting offended) offends the staff at photo sharing site Zooomr with a hilarious targeted entry, "How to Rollout a Web 2.0 Product." The entry says stuff like:

Make a lot out of the application's cool features. Much coolr than a certain othr company. Even more of how young the lead developer is. Make a _really_ big deal at how young the developr is. This is important-make sure that everyone knows that how this product will kick butt because of the youth of the developer (as compared to the old farts over at .... well, you know).

Yep, the whole list is about Zooomr. Terribly witty, especially if you know that Zooomr desperately denies that it's a wannabe Flickr killer. The Web 2.0 crowd (whom the Zooomrites hang with) is protective of Flickr, and everyone who joins the little company finds themselves on the defense. For example, Zooomr evangelist Thomas Hawk, whose reply to Shelley is below.

So much hatred and meanspirtedness. Wow. Sorry for letting you down. [...] Kris, by the way, didn't have any beer at our terribly depressing mislaunch party — although I did. Looking foward to your thoughts on our new features... not that I'm expecting anything positive of course.

Ouch. Shelley?

Thomas, that don't fly with me. If Zooomr is a company that's more than a couple of kids hacking around, you have to take your lumps...just like Flickr has to take its lumps.

I've watched you, Kris, and Mike Arrington put the Flickr folks through one hell of a time fairly recently. So, can we also call that mean spirited?

Will there be smackdowns with folding chairs? Tag teams? Stay tuned to Blogger Wrestling Championships at:

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