No, that's not just a string of nonsense words. Wonderfully named author, activist, and autobiographer Kola Boof is something of a character. Originally from Sudan, Boof's chief notoriety comes from her claim that she once did time as an involuntary coital companion for Osama bin Laden. The exact terminology is a bit dicey, as Boof hates that the New York Post keeps referring to this as her "sex slave" period; Boof's bio says she was Osama's "lover ... against her will," so take your pick. Some have expressed doubts about Boof's bin Ladenizing, but the more pressing question is this: Why was Boof fired from her job as a writer on Days of Our Lives?

(Note: The above is not a punchline. At least, not in the strictest sense.) One could well ask what drew Boof to writing for a soap opera in the first place; she claims it's because she learned English watching the show. Perhaps Boof's response to her tangles with the Post may shed some light on her severance from DoOL:

I have been met only with racism, snobbery and all around privileged ignorance by the pot-heads who edit and write for the newspapers in the United States ... I could give two camel humps about being popular with the mainstream ...

We actually did have a punchline here, but we gotta run out and burn one, so write your own.

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