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At the end of an interview, Forbes asked Sun CIO Bill Vass (pictured here on High School Portrait Day) how new CEO Jon Schwartz is different than his predecessor Scott McNealy. He answered — in Valleyspeak, natch. Let's dissect.

"Jonathan is stylistically quite different from Scott—he's a little more directive."
"For instance, we can't just have a one-on-one meeting — Jonathan has to tie me to an Aeron chair and whip me with his ponytail. I'd complain, but it kind of feels good."

"Jonathan is kinder and gentler in some ways—"
"Okay, i should admit Scott did the same thing with a cat o' nine tails."

"—but less collegiate also."
"No cuddling."

"He makes hard choices with [CFO] Michael Lehman's support. Jonathan and Mike share an office for a number of reasons."
"Hint hint."

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