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• Boy reporter Gabe Sherman bids farewell to the Observer, leaving Off the Record a little more empty and the comics a little more funny. [NYO]
• Only in the hipper enclaves of Brooklyn can one live in a non-residential building, refuse to pay rent, and not be considered a freeloading squatter. That said, we're still completely jealous. [VV]
• Paris Hilton ignites a low speed car chase, gets off with a warning. [TMZ]
Project Runway has elevated Parsons' status and made Tim Gunn into some sort of molassess-throated demi-god. [Inside Higher Ed]
• Toby Young will bash Vanity Fair at any chance he gets. Even if it means doing a podcast. [CultureCatch]
• A CVS in Ocean City is almost as frustratingly retarded as any Duane Reade in Manhattan. [Muk Report]
• Bids on a photograph of Kimora Lee Simmons kissing Oscar de la Renta start at $625 — having Anna Wintour in the background jacked up the price. [Animal]
• Just because: Pat O'Brien's girlfriend's blog. If you remember Betsy being "so motherfucking hot," this may have some degree of relevance to you. Or not. [B for Betsy via TWS]
• New York just has, like, this vibe, you know? Like this positivity and DJs and shit. [NME]