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Ah, so this is what Palo Alto is doing with the money that would have gone toward universal pre-school. They're training little investors! The Palo Alto Weekly describes a scene in Jordan Middle School's "Money, the Market, and More!" class, where rising sixth-grader Anu Rajan says:

I love money, and I wanted to learn more about the stock market. I like keeping accounts of my money. I have a ledger at home.

Twelve-year-old Kevin Kwan says:

All my life I've wanted a lot of money. My mom noticed that and thought this class would be good. My parents want me to be an investment banker, so I can invest lots of money.

And it's so cute to hear ten-year-old Lindsay Sapigao, a desperate market-obsessed daytrader, say:

This is helping me to know what I should tell my grandpa to invest in. I was going to tell him to invest in Apple, but it was going down, but now it's going up. So I'm not sure what to tell him.

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