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After official Zooomr evangelist Thomas Hawk got all bitchy at a blogger for criticizing the photo sharing site that employs him, a reader asked me if he was the worst corporate evangelist ever. Not by a long shot! He's just one in a long tradition of awful evangelists. After the jump, we list them all.

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  • Guy Kawasaki was the first prominent high-tech corporate evangelist. During his tenure at Apple, the brand rose from an obscurity to the official computer maker for all cool consumers. In the last few years, the practices he started are responsible for the popularity of the iPod, the "switch" ads, and the smug satisfaction of every designer in your local wifi café, sneering at your Dell.
  • Robert Scoble served as Microsoft's de facto representative to bloggers when he started pimping his company on his site, Scobleizer. It all worked so well — until Scoble's ill-advised porn shoot. Just a few months later, Scoble left Microsoft. Coincidence? Heck no.
  • Vint Cerf is supposed to make people feel more at ease about Google and the Internet. How can anyone feel at ease next to Mr. Oh-so-snappy-in-my-three-piece-suit (pictured)?

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Photo 1: Thomas Hawk [Zooomr]
Photo 2: YouTube video [Valleywag]