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It's been a deafening three months since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes first pretended to bring baby Suri into the world, and it's only in the latest issue of Us Weekly that anyone has come forward claiming have to seen the baby. Alas, it's not a trusted Us journalist like Alyssa Shelasky who can vouch for the baby's existence; rather, it's King of Queens actress and Scientologist Leah Remini who says she's seen the miracle child. She tells the magazine that she had contact with Suri several weeks ago and that the infant looked like "a cross between the two, [with] dark, straight hair and dark eyes." Right, right, but what else? Says Remini, Suri's "a newborn and normal size."

So there you go. If the existence of your mysterious and undoubtedly freakish child is beleagured by public doubt, having Stacey Carosi speak on your behalf really brings closure to the issue.

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