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While it's safe to say Charlie Sheen is not having the greatest of years, his career seems to be the one area of his life that's carrying on nicely. Apparently, audiences of Two and a Half Men feel that the off-screen domestic foibles and cheerleader-chasing antics of its star do little to dilute its sitcomy hilarity. The LAT reports that Sheen is demanding to be compensated in an amount befitting his singular talents, elevating him to the rare, $1 million-an-episode circle previously occupied by such primetime royalty as David Schwimmer:

The star of the hit CBS comedy "Two and a Half Men" is about to demand a big hike in his paycheck, two sources familiar with the matter say, possibly to as much $1 million per episode, or $24 million per year. [...]

Sheen's co-stars, Jon Cryer and 12-year-old Angus T. Jones, are also seeking fat raises, although neither makes as much as Sheen. [...]

Warner Bros. earlier this month concluded lucrative deals to syndicate the comedy on cable network FX and elsewhere.

It may seem like a vast overpayment, but for Sheen, that $24 million will provide the much-needed seed money for his next self-funded children's apparel venture, Sheenskinâ„¢ brand competitive gymnastics leotards and training sportsbras.